Restore your vitality

With the help of medicinal plants and Tradition Medicine

I propose :

  • Highly personalized advice according to your personality and needs.

  • Protocoles easily suited for busy individuals and intensive routines.

  • Effective herbal products* suited to intensives routines.


The consultation takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

I ask you questions in relation to your general health, background, lifestyle, so that I give you personal advice suited to your personality and particular routine.

I develop a specific protocol and I recommend particular products* suited to your specific need. Finally, I advice you on nutrition and share specific strategies for better-living so that your vitality can be restored and your performances boosted..  

Long-distance consultations can be organized (Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype).

*I also prepare many herbal products as a mean to best meet your specific needs and suit your singular problems (Oils, Creams, Pills, Powders, Drops, Sprays, Lotion, etc.)

60 €* 1st session (60-75min.)

50 €* follow-up sessions (45min.)

* 20% reduction for students and seniors