Stay Healthy
Overcome stress and prevent chronic inflammation

Overtraining Syndrome

dancers & sportspeople

This lecture gives you tools to identify an overtraining syndrome (OTS) and teaches you beneficial behaviours as a mean to prevent OTS. It can help you regain your motivation, restore your Self esteem, balance your mood, improve your sleep and boost your performances.

Chronic Inflammation

dancers & sportspeople

In this lecture you will learn how to stay healthy while practicing a high intensity physical routine. You will learn to recognise the first signs of chronic inflammation. Also, you will receive concrete tools as a mean to avoid any negative domino effect, prevent injury, general fatigue and psychological imbalances, even burn out.


dancers & sportspeople

Here you will learn why, what and when to eat in order to boost your performances and maximise regeneration and recuperation. Discover how to support your hormonal, nervous and immuno-systems with food, micronutrients, superfood, plants and traditional medicine.